Words Are Not Reality

     By Ayush Sinha

The word ‘love’ is not love, nor can any of its definitions be love. The problem with our minds is that they get too attached to words, and then try to find out their meanings, to define them in a thousand ways. In this way we have thousands of ways of defining love, and millions of words, but unfortunately, don’t have its realization. 
There is that realization only when the mind no longer cares about definitions and words, seeing things as they are, saying, “I don’t know what it is about.” Take everything that is not love out of the self, and that which remains is only love. Isn’t love synonymous with understanding? There is only understanding when one has forgotten everything that one knows, because then there is no process of thinking or assuming in that state. The mind is completely silent, and in this silence is understanding, and awareness. The very definition of the word ‘awareness’ means living in the present, so that one can clearly see what is before one’s eyes, without distorting and twisting it. On the other hand, how can one be aware if one is busy thinking? All that we need to do is to see things as they are, without any kinds of efforts. 
The sun is hot, and this is truth. So truth is just truth; it has nothing to do with philosophy, spirituality, religion, or mysticism. In fact, truth is aways there, before our eyes. We just need to be in tune with that, understanding that all divisions, including those of religions, nationalities, and communities, are those of thought; and this thought has been our accumulated knowledge that is very limited. But understanding, and love, has nothing to do with that knowledge.  
Nevertheless, when we think, we always work in the realm of knowledge accumulated by us, and this knowledge is very limited, which goes together with ignorance. To know something beyond our knowledge, will we not have to put our thought aside for a while, so that we can see things as they are, without comparing, criticising, and judging them? For there is a world of difference between thinking, and understanding what is before our eyes. When there is no thought, there is no thinker, nor are there any divisions. We are what is before our eyes, and only in this state is understanding. 

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Creation and destruction are not two different things. With every destruction of something old, there is a creation of something new. As a matter of fact, destruction is creation itself, the relationship between them being that of a cause and its effect. In the same way, we can see, death and birth are also not two different things. Every moment, in an organism, there is creation and destruction, and birth and death, nothing being permanent. One fears death because the mind wants security, or something that it thinks is permanent and permanently going to be with it.