Amit Pandey, Co-Founder of Inklovers India Publication, an entrepreneur; blogger; freelancer; is a dreamer. 
Passionate about literature, he initiated his writing with poems at school level- which were then well appreciated by the readers and are now featured on his social account note. He loves writing romance, social issues, and futuristic crime stories. His short stories are very much appreciated.

Humble at heart- he believes that ‘Writing’ is a Noble profession and one should carry it with immense devotion.

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp: +919670006261

Ayush sinha is the author of the book entitled ‘The Treasure House of Happiness’. Brought up by his parents in Patna, India, he pursued his higher secondary education from DAV(Dayanand Anglovedic). One who loves to travel alone, his poems have appeared in multiple anthologies and magazines. Wandering to him is like being in the lap of Mother Nature Herself. He says that one can see that one gets lost in a crowd, not when one is alone. He also says that each one of us is on the way to realizing that one doesn’t live, but is life itself.