Review: The Power of Love

Author: Jayant Uppal

Book: The Power of Love

Publisher of The Work: Locksley Hall

Number of Pages: 164

Format: Paperback

Nothing could be as winsome as a work making one feel the enchanting, captivating essence of spirituality. Jovial, I finished it off in just three hours.

When it comes to tackling strife in the outside world, our minds often get riddled with obstreperous dejection getting our minds restless, and when the darkness of this restlessness starts obliterating the light of the wisdom of our minds, we are bound to look upon this world as the tantrums of hell. It is, however, only without this dejection that we get to see the true colours of Mother Nature; it is only without fears and melancholy that we get to dance amidst the song of Mother Nature.

This is a supereminent work teaching one what a disease is about. Yes, it is very obvious: when one’s mind is not at one’s ease, one is diseased. The spiritual aura created by Jayvir, whom I consider the central character of the fiction, and his mother is what leads them to the destination they deserve. Fears and melancholy can easily be turned into immense strength. One needn’t depend upon others so as to live one’s life happily, nor does one need to be a beggar, begging for others’ love. One is bound to get what one deserves, if one gets that everything is within. That is what one gets to realize reading the fiction.


Cover: 4 starts

Title: 5 stars

Blurb: 4 stars

Content: 4 stars

Editing: 5 stars

Proofreading: 3 stars

Overall: 4.1 stars out of 5

Looking upon God as an infinite ocean of consciousness, truly has one said that a whole ocean is in a drop. The author is well aware of this fact, and this fact is what he wants to cast light on, through this fiction. This is one of the best works I have gone through, so far. It would, however, be a little better if the proof-reader of the work had been a little more meticulous. The style of the author, on the other hand, is exceptional, preaching other writers the way they should pen down without attending to the demands of the market.

The whole team of Fragrance of Writing wish you the best. 

About the author


Creation and destruction are not two different things. With every destruction of something old, there is a creation of something new. As a matter of fact, destruction is creation itself, the relationship between them being that of a cause and its effect. In the same way, we can see, death and birth are also not two different things. Every moment, in an organism, there is creation and destruction, and birth and death, nothing being permanent. One fears death because the mind wants security, or something that it thinks is permanent and permanently going to be with it.