Meet Saurabh Pant: A man with power of PEN & PAPER

Saurabh Pant is a published author and research analyst, who was born on 4th of April, 1994 in Nainital-, a hill station and famous city in Uttarakhand

AMIT- You had a rich career in your Job for more than 2 years would you like to share ups and downs of being working?

Yes there has always been a challenge to grasp that how should I convince my family. My parents and family members certainly demands more for official and government jobs rather than seeing me work for writing.

It has been a long struggle between rights for me and convincing words for my family, but I rarely doubt that they would appreciate or shower applauses what I have done in field of writing. ON the other hand though, I have a great responsibility to prove myself that I have an identity in the world of writing. Being a Visually Challenged, when I started writing, Very few would have thought that I would continue for so long in field of writing, thus the most quality of ups and downs are the response

of people at social media who are not totally awarded about the vision impairment and its ability


Apart from this, there are validity prospect to prove. The thrust to continue write, not only convinced by

gaining money but willing to write for awareness; The strength to justify that when I shall rise like a sun

one day, I should be accepted by all pillars of society and the appreciation in regional, national and

international pillars by those who support regularly are the key elements of my job as a writing prospect

at large though…

In this way I expect from myself to improve in writing skills day by day and get prepare to be thrown

down by those who not like me and prove to my own accord that what I am doing is my ultimate

satisfaction is the key to life in my context…

AMIT- What is the turning point in your career? What inspired you to write a book?

The best turning point was winning an essay award when I reached graduation. I won the Prachi

Educational society's essay award in March 2013 with 'special mention prize' which became the turning

point though. It was an initial shift due to my proving grounds in the visionary community that I can

foster their expectation and I am certainly able to write in all forms.

However, there were many more good moments to share upon that includes my school appearance in

local Braille writing contests in early days before I started graduation in History from Kirori Mal College

and many more which inspired me. the idea came upon me that if I can write in Braille, Then I can surely

put my efforts in digital writing and from then onwards I decided myself after my Story writing and

Debate tour of Innerscape in CMS in 2011 while I led my school that I should surely write a book and

prove my words to my teachers.

In this way, an ambition to cherish was owed by virtual efforts of probable reason, But meanwhile I

planned I also came to notice some good visually challenged seniors authors who inspired me to write. I

shall never forget the contributions of encouragement by Jyotsna Phanija madam who teaches at ARSD

now and being a V ME person she had contributed a lot. Apart from that there are many Maharashtra

writers who probably inspire me to write. Their words did prove good for me at regular intervals As I

contributed for the college magazine and Hostel magazine and appeared at other platforms also which

include an international poetry seminar at Hoss Khass in March 2013.

At the end though when I was writing my first book around 2014, I had realised that if these people can

do, I can surely deal the way forward and I had been a great fan of Salmaan Rushdie sir thus his ideology

and reading him through also inspired me. Apart from that I always enjoy Harry Potter series and it is one

of my medium to come out of depression too, So that helped a lot. In this way there are numerous factors,

but the most powerful must be the way the others from my community contribute which inspires me to

continue the journey we have begun in 21st century as VI or Disabled fraternity…

AMIT- How did you choose the genre and title of the books, "BOOK NAMES???”

I have authored 7 books till now that includes 1 novel, 4 research works and 2 international poetry

collections thus it is always a quest to prove when it comes to select a genre and a title for the books

indeed which is been tough at the early call, But due to having good lessons in my school days and thence

learning my Graduation days, I was little careless towards choosing title so in many ways, the guidance’s

of teachers and professors helped me luckily and due to which choosing the intent of 'title' and 'genre' is

not a big work for me, However let me mention the names of the books I have done till now.

The first book I did was titled 'Affection Never Dies' which was a novel for sure. Thence I had a great

experience to write research works for SNDT University, Mumbai which were compiled by the English

department of the college and got published in the Mumbai University press. These 4 research works are

namely: 1. the rise of South Asia and its modern existence, 2. Nation in South Asian Politics and

Literature, 3. Gender in South Asian society and literature 4. Ethnicity in South Asian culture and

literature. As far the international poem collections are concerned, the 1st one is named 'Triple Jimmy and

A Glowing World' and the 2nd one is titled 'Burning Asia: The Present Image', thus these all have a

unique stories that why I choose such genres and titles. I have shared the names first of all, so I shall now

go on to discuss the 'genre' and 'Title' of these all 7 books at large.

Now, coming back to your question, It wasn't easy to choose genre for my first book which was a novel,

but I decided after reading all terms and conditions of the publishing house where I submitted 'Affection

Never Dies' I thought that the genre suited to my aspiration in context of my title should surely be this. I

wanted to decide to choose something unique, an ideology that people generally not associate today in a

world of Indian literature where writers only focus on the romance and romantic literature. I don't deny

that there is no romance in Affection Never Dies, but the perspective is unique thus My wish to fulfil

same to fruition after I chose this genre and title came to reality on 23rd of September, 2014 at large.

However, in case of writing research works for the University prospect, I had to choose between the

South Asian research programme or the virtual Globalisation programme by through which I had to

select according to my identity in case of understanding the research pattern- I chose the South Asian

research studies and thus I managed to publish 4 research works. The title of these all research works

looms around South Asian concern which was obvious once I have chosen the issue to understand and

write, Thus the genre to do research was an essential one and I wanted the same due to my thrust to prove

that there is still large factor to support a person as a writer when he or she take research methodology

aspect. I have heard in my college days that Research element is not a great genre, but after working in

that field, I can prove to others that it is indeed a good field to concern and focus your writing.

At Last, while coming to the 2 international books I published in 2016. The idea to title 'Triple Jimmy and

A Glowing World' was bilateral as the book is a co-authored element between me and Jimmy Boom sir

from Philippines. He suggested about 'Triple Jimmy' and I suggested 'Glowing World' to add in the title,

thus the genre was clear to me to write poems for international relations and the decision of title was

perfect to both of us. However, in concerns to the 'Burning Asia: The Present Image', I was very decisive

to work as It was my own poems in Asian dialect in concerns thereby I had a message for the Asian

concerns through the genre of poetry. I have already worked in research for Asian studies, I wish to bring

the same in poetry and I got succeeded once the book came into the global fixture.

All in all, it is never easy for an author to choose the genre and the title, But due to the god's grace, some

of my good nods by family and others I came to the top and I continue to write for my own self, Yet I

have a point to prove for family concerns, But My struggle continues and the track to victory should be

achieved in future soon.

AMIT- What prompted you to think of these topics?

When I decided to choose 'animal trafficking and global security' for Affection Never Dies, I was bit

surprised of myself, But I had thought that being belonging to Nainital I must put naturalist and realist

perspectives into view to think people about the practical motivated ideologues for future of the human

rights and animal safety. It was only to produce an awareness idea at large but I would think to go back to

the ideology I applied first time in future.

However, in context of the all 4 research works, I was taken into consent by support of Asiatic Society of

Mumbai that I must focus on South Asian Studies. I did enjoy the work with the university focusing on

the research Wright ups, But being involved in debates at my junior level and also been happy to discuss

about South Asia, I was delighted to get topics related to South Asia and enjoyed researching the subjects

like 'History', 'Society', 'Nation', 'Gender', 'Ethnicity', 'Literature' 'Human Physiology', 'Anthropology' and

many others that did come through while I enjoyed writing those 4 research works indeed.

As far the 2 international poetry collections are concerned, I wished to put my International Relations

focus into concern. I had discussed with Jimmy Boom sir in the co-authored book that I shall deal with

the issues which are prominent at global stand, which included Russian power, Kashmir problem, May's

rise to power in Britain, Homo Sapien theory, Cultural scenarios, Tsunami and Earth quakes and many

more into concerns. The different case was for Burning Asia as I was determined to put topics of misery,

challenge and concerns across Asian borders including destruction, murders, kidnaps, nuclear

disturbance, border crises, terrorism and many others Thus I was able to decided these topics, not because

I wanted to prove, But I wanted to write as A sociological ideologist that there is necessity to aware

people and that can only be done through power of writing at global scenarios.

In this way, I am always delighted to choose topics but I am selective when it comes to the International

relations but I enjoy the issues in the same time. I am determined to bring awareness into the fixture and

as I have mentioned above, I believed the power of writing the main key to deal with awareness, thus I

shall continue to write and choose new topics as I get experienced and more focused to decide what to

write and how to implement such themes into the writing's glory…

AMIT- Was it easy to find a publisher at the start?

No it wasn't. I had an idea to publish with non-agented publishers in the publishing world, but I had lot of

debates with many platforms but I wasn't able to find it at the beginning. I was given many ideas by my

Department seniors, Kshitij bhaiya and Shourya bro for publishing, But I was a little slow starter specially

when it comes to take help from others thus I didn't fancy my chances in the early years of idea in


However At the other side, some started to inform me about power Publishers which is an agented

publishing house. The Agented publishers means that the publishing house would accept publishing of the

book but It would charge monetary funds to publish a particular book, Thereby after many debates in

March 2014, I was in planning to collect funds and make my first book publish for my own self.

IN this way, I who used to criticise charity model came under its wrath however I did recover in the later

days, but I started collecting small funds by those who could offer charity and money by giving me some

small amounts. But my real test came into witness in June-July period when I became desperate to collect

all amount that was required to publish books and my foreign cousin came into the role to play and they

supported me with money, Thus I was able to locate publishers, But This was my final attempt for first

time celebrations and I succeeded at last.

In case of the research works, it wasn't tough to search out the publishers, AS I did become a member of

the Asiatic Society of Mumbai and I did lot of field work in 2014-15 to get the actual membership. By the

grace of the same, I got the publishers by those who targeted the research works for me as the project

Thus it was later on not tough to find publishers.

In the case of international writing, I was glad to get directly through support of many

American and British authors who offered me lot of monetary and economic support. I denied their

economic modes and transactions though, but they were determined to make an impact with me and they

finally provided me in the August 2016 what I had been looking for. As I mentioned above that I was

looking for a non-agented or a free publishing platform and finally I reached Lulu which is an American

based free portal, I am glad to be the part of it and thence forth I shall continue to work.

There is no doubt that it is not an easy task for any beginner to search out publishing houses and deal

according to his or her own choice, But I was determined to search out the goal and my struggle provided

me what I couldn't have been doing in past, Thus I have got few offers from Notion Press like agented

publishers, But I shall think of them in future, But till present I think that I have done well to counterdrain

myself from family and social challenges and create a fine author in me…

AMIT- What were your 1-2 biggest learning experience or surprise through the publishing


I had always been bit impatient while I try my efforts for publishing, so I learnt a bit about the role of

being patient in the game of writing. I did come to know that there may be one time when you get pulled

up being worst or being cheered as best. The coin of writing came into my mind's vision in the learning

process first of all.

However, the most learning part of writing is that you are never done with its prosperity. It has so much

to offer and it deserves so many efforts so you can never say that you have given up. Even if you have

been failed or been not responded properly by social institution, a day will come when they would have to

turn and say that you have done a wonder for us. This is my most influential learning lesson in the writing

world till now.

AMIT- On other note, what you have done differently if you could do it again?

As I mentioned in the above fixture, I had been the part of writing four research works. I would like to do

the same now without officially going for any Ph, D. or other high qualified degree. It is very usual to

anybody who has done these degrees that they can produce great research works, but if somebody can do

that even before finishing masters is a key role to play and I would like to get back to my research works


Apart from this, I would like to create the rhythm of poetry in the International Relations spirit with

international podium on mode at the E writing world. It was my belief that if people do online writing

work at high scale in relation to the books, They must be provided great response in both segments, either

by high sales or by high quality public note and call. It also happens in the foreign world, But in context

of India its bit new, but I would wish to continue publishing e books on Lulu and enjoy the flair if they

reach high performance level at large.

In the final context, I would like to create a unique genre in name of 'Mountain Observation' which is a

new genre to write. People have written lot about mountain in form of stories, poetry, novels, essays and

others zones, but they would enjoy this genre if I should be able to establish this unique genre into its

virtual trend at large.

AMIT- Which part of writing you consider the hardest?

I believe that playwright is one of hardest genre to write. It is not because I have written very few plays,

but it is because of the set up the writer has to do generally. As it is known to everybody that it requires

special skill for a screen writer to work into the action move and identity mode of the characters he or she

has created, thereby it is not easy to do screen Wright ups and plays in my view, not because they take

time to convert into potential, But because they require real plans and experiences to commence to write


I am not saying that it is impossible to write plays or screen shows, but it is a typical mind game to write

them out which make them one of the hardest genre to write. They are the best if they are properly written

and being performed at the global stage, But As I said in above words, It require pure skill and unique

intent to create such plays, Thus for me this genre is the most hardest in concerns to the writing field at


AMIT- Best piece of advice for writers trying to break in?

They should never think to quit the efforts they involve for writing. The lack of experience couples with

the frustration of getting fame and success which does come according to the time. I may say to them that

the experience of life is equal to the success of writing; they both are unique scenarios, so those who write

need to be patient and work on their accurate means. Never quit your efforts while thinking to impress

yourself, you will end up loosing your identity.

The other thing to remind is the pattern they apply when they write. They need to know what they wish to

create. People usually end up these days trying to thrill people by their writing, but they need to

understand the perspiration of expectations before they decide to write.

Finally, whenever they decide to write, either digitally or through ink, they need to decide their targets. It

doesn't cost too much conscious to decide how to reach per day, week or month. They must create follow

ups and they can recreate according to their ideas and the similar situations into their writing can go on

and on…

AMIT- Something personal about you, people may be surprise to know?

I am a kind of psychic who is desperate to achieve what I have decided to gain. Sometimes I don't even

care what would be the result of gains by such violent, aggressive or dangerous means, but I am

determined to make a mark. Some may say that it is due to the struggles I have faced, but the actual truth

is that there is a kind of shrewdness which people can tell very difficultly when they talk to me or even do

writing efforts with me.

One another thing that surprise people is the quality to use duoclates. People know about this use very

less, but I use it to a proper effect. People always call it a false impact or depression of mind, But Albert

Einstein did consider its use in past and I know how to use it. Duoclates means the existence of one man

at two places in one time. There is no quest that people may say that this is impossible, but those who use

this do know how it works and trust in its ultimate identity at large.

Finally, I am always on the hunt. People often think that if they are taking me for the walk, or asking me

for meals or trying to delight me, they are always at the false positions. But if once I have caught a person

doing something against my thoughts to convince me, I keep the reminder on and it is very tough for me

to forgive people easily at large thereby my anger matches with my memory in such cases…

AMIT- What are you working on at the minute?

I am having lot of projects under concerns in relation to the Anthologies. However, I am thinking to work

for Raven Cage Anthology once more as I did submit for its 3 monthly submissions in 2015. Raven Cage

is an international E Zine of Germany which accepts poems and stories. Apart from that I am planning to

submit in 'Wildness' for first time which is another E zine. I have been lucky to join author publish

official website in 2017, which is surely going to support me for longer period.

As far the book efforts are concerned. There is one more planned joint co-authored poetry collection with

Jimmy Boom sir in 2017 as well as another poem collection with a fellow Nigerian poet in progress at the


However, in context of creating a new Genre, I am working hard with field work for 'Mountain

Observation', I shall create the first book around October of 2017 which would feature this genre for the

first time at international level indeed, thus plans are also on the move for the same .

These are brief plans for further on with high scale Lulu's efforts in promotions. I am thankful to be a

visually challenged as it brings challenges but it also bring scope. I am delighted to spend this wonderful

time with you, I hope that I shall continue to work harder in writing, One day for sure, My family and my

parents would dearly accept what I have done in the field of writing, Till then the game is on…

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