Meet Saurabh Acharya: An Interview

Amit: Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself and the things that define you and your lifestyle.
Sourabh Acharya is a 19 years old undergraduate student, hailing from Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, and currently based in Raipur, Chattisgarh. He is an extroversive introvert, in love with dance since a very long time now. He has been writing for 4 years now, and he had never let anyone know about his writing menaces. It’s because of his book that people have started acknowledging him as a writer. He writes in English, Hindi, and Urdu to some extent. Loves to live a simple life, having a huge friend circle; Sourabh is a guy who tries to be happy and keep people around him happy with his words, as well as actions.
Ayush: Tell us something about your book. For we would love to hear you speak on your own book.
His book, ‘Ark: the essence’ is Sourabh’s first literary work as an Author, and he’s really proud of what he’s done. As he says, ‘Poetry comes to him naturally’, Sourabh has been doing poetry for a period now, and has evolved greatly with time. With a collection of poems, on various heart luring and heart inuring topics, Sourabh had never thought of his poems to face the world, one day. He dedicates his book to his Homeland, and the love of literature he owes his art to.
Amit: What are your expectations from the book?
Honestly, as a poet, he doesn’t have any expectations from the book. But, as an Author, he would love if people find themselves connected with his words. There’s atleast something for every reader who reads it. There’s horror, humour, love, Romance, Dank, sadness and everything else. Sourabh wishes to see smiles on readers’ faces after they have the book in their hands.
Ayush: What did you expect from the literary word?
I would expect everyone to atleast purchase it once and read. I am pretty sure they won’t be disappointed with what I have promised.
Amit: How is your experience with publishers?
The publishers have been really helpful. One of the best one can get. Mr. Tej Raval, a gem of a person. An inspiration for many young, aspiring writers and Authors, as well as a person to look up to. Codex Publishing House has a fully dedicated team for a customer’s satisfaction, and I would suggest every writer to atleast have a go with this publishing house. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.
Amit: What is your favourite genre? Name a title you wish you had penned down.
My favourite genre is Fiction. People usually find it difficult to pen down fiction, when it comes to poetry. It comes to me naturally, as I said. “The Road not taken” by Robert Frost is one piece of Poetry I wish to had penned down. It was the first pushing force which inspired towards poetry, and today, I am here.
Amit: Tell us something about your other hobbies we have heard of that may motivate others.
I love to Dance. I have been Dancing for some years now, and luckily I like what I do. Most importantly, my people like what I do. I have performed Mime for a number of stages and have been working on my skills. I don’t consider writing as a hobby, because hobby is what we practise in a life. Poetry is what I do for life.
Amit: What are you working on at present?
I am working on my collection of Hindi poems at present. As it can take time, the book is due to be released somewhere near the initial months of the next year. A novel is also being worked on. I somehow feel to complete it by the mid of next year. I am also trying to compile another set of my English poems for another book soon.
Ayush: What is the most important thing which is required to make a bestseller?
Being an amateur, I might not be the best person to answer this, but there’s this one thing I want to say. Firstly, the feeling which connects a reader with the book. It’s a must in any book, to be a bestseller. Having a personal reader base is another thing which requires good reach, and thus helps for the books sale. The most important thing is the thought process of a reader. A new writer can be a bestseller only when a reader gives him an opportunity by reading their book.
Ayush: Tell us something about your previous works.
As, this is my first Individually Published book; there’s not much to say. I have a couple of Anthologies to my name as a contributor. “The seasons” by Robin Barratt, an international Anthology which has only 2 writers from India has 2 of my poems in the book. There are a couple of more Anthologies my work has been published in.
Amit: Is there any other genre that you would work on in the future?
Yes, I am working on my storytelling skills, as of now. That’s the main reason my novel is on hold, at the moment. The plot is ready, storyline, and everything. Just that, those skills need to be nourished more in order to bring out the best. You’ll surely get to read something new from me.
Amit: You seem to be so mature, talented and passionate about your work. From where do you get so much passion, energy, and eagerness to work more and more. Share with us.
My Mother has always taught me: Follow the truth, even if it asks for the neck in return. I have been true to my work, my passion for writing and my people. My parents have been my biggest support I could ever have. My brother, he’s been another great one to look up to for inspirations. These people have a great significance in my life. The nature around me, in my Hometown has brought me here, with an equal amount of beauty it beholds. I would rather admit to have given all to my passion than doing what impresses others.
Amit: ‘IN DI SPIRE’ how close you are towards #LifeDeathBucketList “TenThings You Must Do before You Die” 
Haha! This question had me there. Ten things which I want to do before I die are impossible to be noted down. I personally believe that expecting things to happen takes a longer time for the things to actually happen. But, for an answer, I have this list: 1. Want to see my parents teary eyed out of happiness, because of me. (Tick) 2. Address the audience as an Author at least once in this lifetime. (Tick) 3. Travel the world with no one around but just sufficient clothes and no gadgets. 4. Have a date with Priyanka Chopra for at least once. 5. Experience an erupting Volcano from a very close distance. 6. Skydive, with no one around for help. 7. Have at least one good present to gift my people each, on Diwali. 8. Buy a home for my family, my parents, some day. 9. Clear the Civil Services Exams in the first attempt. 10. Want to see my book as the bestseller. (Fingers Crossed)
Amit: Tell us something about your journey as a writer and something that may surprise your fans/readers.
This phase arrived a couple of months ago when my mother was so ill. She was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t even move. I was the only one who could feel her pain at that time. That is when it occurred. I thought to have quit writing thereon. I managed to not write for a month. After the things turned easy and better, I had a sigh of relief. Those were the days I used to feel so uneasy. I coped up with that, and the rest is here. Another astounding thing for the readers would be that my parents knew about my writing habit a month ago. Lol!
Amit: If you got a chance to live your life again. What are the 3 changes you want to do in your life? 
First change would be, I would want the education system to be knowledge friendly, not memory friendly. Second one, I would want to change my course of graduation from BSc to BA, because I have always wanted it. I don’t know why I chose BSc as my first option. I would want my parents to have known my writing habit a lot before than actual.
Amit: What is your success mantra? What message do you want to give new writers? 
I myself am a learner, but this one thing I would advise to the young writers is never to stop dreaming. For dreams are what will push you towards what you need, want and should have. Keep learning, keep reading more, keep writing anything and everything which comes to your mind; never judge yourself on the basis of what you write but what you read; keep working on what you want to achieve. My dreams have turned real, and yours too would.

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