Meet Sailesh With Ayush: An Interview

 Hello, I am Ayush.
 Today we have a guest who is just going to launch his debut book.
 Meet Sailesh Mishra, the author of The Perfect Flaw.

Sailesh Mishra, hails from Odisha, as a student Pursuing Engineering in KIIT University. Other than that, he manages an online magazine of his own and has founded consortium to help young aspiring writers understand the process of writing in Bhubaneshwar.
Ayush: Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself and the things that define you and your lifestyle.
The Perfect Flaws
Sailesh: You know me by the name, Sailesh Mishra. I am currently pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Engineering at KIIT University Bhubaneshwar. Staying somewhat in between being an introvert and extrovert, I spend my time writing, reading watching movies and english series. Besides that, I find myself engrossed in debating and anchoring as well. I am a member of a dance crew with Freestyle and MJ up my sleeve. Besides that, I have a magazine of my own that I manage which goes by the name ExaVaganza and I manage a team of aspiring writers and artists and help them understand mordern writing and give them a platform to make themselves seen and heard.
Ayush: How beautiful your book is! It shows your wisdom. It shows the bond that beautifies this short life. Tell us something about your book. For we would love to hear you speak on your own book. 

Sailesh: I believe that every story or Tale has a Purpose. This Book is a fictional thrilling account of some similar characters who are aimed to send some cunning messages of how our society works under the envelope of car chases, cool fight sequences, constant swearing, awesome gadgets and a quest of life and death.
Ayush: This life is too short and full of uncertainties. How do you take it? What are your conceptions?

Sailesh: Life is like a finger print. It is not the same for anyone no matter how much we try to relate it to. I have a simple rule. Life is either a large adventure or nothing. So, if you want to see something done, do it yourself. There was a time when I was bullied and mocked by my methods. I felt like a fish out of water in an engineering coaching institute. But we all have a truth to which we need to stick on, so did I. And now I garner the respect of all those who laughed at me. Good times pass, so do the bad times. It’s up to us whether we need to decide ourselves in other’s opinions or make up our own path for others to walk on as well.
Ayush: How was your experience with your very first publisher?

Sailesh: My first publication was an anthology under Author Paradise. Trust me, they are the most amazing people I have ever met. Tushti Bhatia Didi and Sandeep Sharma Sir are that sort of professionals who seek spark rather than business. And I feel that that is what would make Author Paradise a champion in its business. They were genuine people with great hearts who stood by me. And now I am here, publishing my solo work under their firm.
Ayush: Which life do you enjoy most? The life of an engineer or the life of a writer?
Sailesh: Other than a writer, I lead the life of an engineering student and the life of a moderator cum editor of my Magazine and my organisation. Writer’s Life is lonely but engineering life gives you friends. But the other life has given me purpose. I am being looked upon by my team as a leader and that gives me confidence. 
Ayush: What is your favourite genre? Name a title you wish you had penned down. 

Sailesh: Suspense Thriller With a Dark tone but simpler Narrative are the works I love the most to read. I enjoyed The Harry Potter series and Paulho Coelho a lot. Other than that, I love the satirirical works of Rick Riordan in his percy Jackson series and they were the ones I wish to pen ‘cause they were so relatable.
Ayush: Tell us something about your other hobbies we have heard of that may motivate others. I love Debating. I have an interest in MUNS. Dancing being a love along with anchoring and organising events. Other than that, I love to watch Hollywood movies, series, listening to music and the most important, reading books. I desire to use my time in the best and most productive way possible and that’s what shapes me. I love meeting new people and learning several lifestyles of theirs as well.
Ayush: What are you working on at present?
Sailesh: The Perfect Flaw is the first book of the Cerebral Chronicles Trilogy. I am currently working on the second part of this series.
Ayush: What are the writing tips, to which one must attend while writing, you would like to give? 
Sailesh: Read a lot. Watch movies and converse regularly to understand dialogue deliveries and try to write topics out of the most absurd things you can imagine, for example, a pebble on the street.
Ayush: How do you take the usage of adverbs while writing? 
Sailesh: Avoid usage of adverbs unless necessary
Ayush: To what extent do mechanics matter while writing?
Sailesh: The usage of mechanics differ from the tone and type of narrative we wish to write on.
Ayush: What is the most important thing which is required to make a bestseller? 
Sailesh: Sadly, marketing. Writing a good book is just entering the race, but to run, we need marketing and exposure. Even bad books have become bestsellers due to the hype and craze they made through their marketing. Hence it is the most important.
Ayush: And the last one. Tell us something personal about yourself, with which after getting familiar, our readers may get very surprised. 

Sailesh: Depression consumed me in the years of 2015, when I was just 16, beginning to such an extent that I had given thoughts of suicide which took me months to overcome. And now I wish to help those facing the same issues and trying to commit this sin out of depression.

Thank You Sailesh! Best Wishes for your Book.
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Creation and destruction are not two different things. With every destruction of something old, there is a creation of something new. As a matter of fact, destruction is creation itself, the relationship between them being that of a cause and its effect. In the same way, we can see, death and birth are also not two different things. Every moment, in an organism, there is creation and destruction, and birth and death, nothing being permanent. One fears death because the mind wants security, or something that it thinks is permanent and permanently going to be with it.