Meet Priyanka Bansal: An Interview

Here we are with our today’s guest, Priyanka Bansal, the author of the book “Rubaroo“.

Priyanka Bansal is an internationally published poetess. She loves reading and writing and many of her writings have been published in the news papers. 
She has been writing poetry, articles and short stories since the age of 16. 
With Crumpled Voices she brings fore her first short story titled, “Together We Can Make a Difference”.

Amit: Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself and the things that define you and your lifestyle.
Priyanka: I am extremely introvert if you dig me deep down, else I am an open book. My life is really simple, and I don’t plan much.

Ayush: Tell us something about your book. For we would love to hear you speak on your own book.
Priyanka: Rubaroo is my third book, and it is actually a face off with life. If you get a chance to read it, you would feel your own life flowing in front of you.

Amit: What are your expectations from the book?
Priyanka: It should touch readers’ heart; that’s it.

Ayush: What do you expect from the literary word?
Priyanka: Nowadays everyone seems to be a writer, but unless a reader finds connected with your write-up , nothing is worth.

Amit: How is your experience with publishers?
Priyanka: A good distribution of books so that the purpose for which it is written can get fulfilled.

Ayush: What is your favourite genre? Name a title you wish you had penned down.
Priyanka: I don’t prefer to or write on specific genre, I write what I feel and observe.

Amit: Tell us something about your other hobbies we have heard of that may motivate others.
Priyanka: There is a long list, but I would cut it short. I love doing creative work. Anything that comes to my mind instantly. As many of you know by now, I am a graphologist, face reader, and signature analyst, and I hope you remember my humorous posts. You can sit with me all day and keep laughing.

Amit: What are you working on at present?
Priyanka: English short stories, which probably would come up in a kindle format. 

Ayush: What is the most important thing which is required to make a bestseller?
Priyanka: Storylines that don’t necessarily include sex, lust, or romance but only feelings and emotions. Unless a reader laughs, cries or frowns after reading your words, nothing is worthy.

Amit: Tell us something about your previous works.
Priyanka: My first book was a Hindi poetry collection. That was co authored. Second was again English short stories book.

Amit: You seem to be so mature; you are so talented and so passionate about your work. Where do you get so much passion, energy, and eagerness to keep working for? Share with us.
Priyanka: May be you won’t believe my words, but once I was the saddest soul on Earth because I used to overthink. I have stopped thinking about life and have started living it, the thing you call flowing with life.

Amit: IN DI SPIRE’ how close you are towards #LifeDeathBucketList “TenThings You Must Do before You Die”
Priyanka: Amazing question. I have actually made a list of it and things that are in my control. Yes, I work on it every day. One is organ donation, and I have checked this right on my list. In fact, in my next novel, I have a story on it.

Ayush: If you got a chance to live your life again, what are the three changes you would want to do in your life?
Priyanka: Eradicate poverty. I do a lot for the children that stay about two kilometres away from my home in a chawl. From books to clothes, and from food to water, I provide them the best I can.

Amit: What is your success mantra? What message do you want to give new learn writers?
Priyanka: Don’t write to fill pages and occupy stacks. Write to stay in hearts and touch souls.

We thank you so much for this interview, mam. May your book go places and touch every heart. 

About the author


Creation and destruction are not two different things. With every destruction of something old, there is a creation of something new. As a matter of fact, destruction is creation itself, the relationship between them being that of a cause and its effect. In the same way, we can see, death and birth are also not two different things. Every moment, in an organism, there is creation and destruction, and birth and death, nothing being permanent. One fears death because the mind wants security, or something that it thinks is permanent and permanently going to be with it.