Meet Manjit Sargam Chawla: An Interview

Here we are with our today’s guest, Manjit Sargam Chawla, the author of ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’. 

Manjit Sargam Chawla is professionally a manager in a nationalized Bank but passionately a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, writer and freelance blogger. She used to give free motivational classes for students and corporate to live their life to the fullest. She is a strong believer that you can achieve anything in your life with a positive mindset

Amit: Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself and the things that define you and your lifestyle.

I am professionally a junior manager in
a national Bank but passionately a motivational speaker, corporate
trainer, writer and a freelance blogger. I used to give free
motivational classes to students and corporate to live their lives to
the fullest. I am a strong believer that you can achieve anything in
your life with a positive mindset. I give stress on gratitude,
forgiveness, unconditional love and humanity. The
aim of my life is to spread smiles and happiness wherever I go or
through prayers where I can’t go. My dream comprises of love, humanity,
and spiritual awakening of each and every human being.

The most special thing everyone notices in my lifestyle is my smile, which always lasts on my face however the circumstances may be.

Ayush: How beautiful your book is. It shows your wisdom. It shows the bond that beautifies this short life. Tell us something about your book. For we would love to hear you speak on your own book.

I wrote the book ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’ on The Unconditional Love. We here in India worship Shri Radha and Shri Krishna, Shiva and Parvati Ji, Ying and Yang, but we don’t accept the same unconditional love in society; so many Twin Flames go through soul tearing pain, although the relationship is already mended up at the soul level, and to meet each other is a destiny.

The book contains the healing methods and spiritual awakening, which lead to oneness and they connect love with spirituality, and give it a new and unique feature.

Ayush: This life is too short and full of uncertainties. How do you take it? What are your conceptions?

I totally believe in it that anything can happen anytime, so my conception of life is to spread love all over the world.I give my 100 percent to my family, job and passion, because I don’t know how much I will live. But after my life, at least my known ones will remember me, and that is the only reason I started writing. Life is very uncertain, so the spiritual path and wisdom I am acquainted with should be shared to show the way to the youngsters and also to one who needs it.

Amit: Which life do you enjoy most? The life of a banker or the life of a writer?

For me both being a banker and being a writer are my passion and my dream to serve the humanity. Being a banker, I serve my country, especially old citizens by helping them, and by my writings, I want to serve the youngsters to live their healed lives with full of happiness,  so I enjoy both of them. Above all, I love to be happy and want to make people happy .

Amit: What is your favourite genre? Name a title you wish you had penned down.

My favourite genre is SELF HELP BOOKS, the Title I wish I had penned down is THE SECRET; when I read it, it seems as if I was unknowingly using the law of attraction in  my very early age, from my childhood in fact.

Ayush: Tell us something about your other hobbies we have heard of that may motivate others.

My other hobbies are to counsel the people to whom I feel, who need motivation, to visit different places, to love food and to love books, so many hobbies.

Amit: How would you like to advise new-comers?

I would like to say that write from your heart, and trust me, readers will read from their hearts.

Amit: What is the most important thing which is required to make a bestseller?

As my book is continuously in the best seller series of family and relationship, what I learnt is that to be in the bestseller, it should be written from the heart and the soul with a unique concept, and it should reach the maximum number of people through marketing so that at least people know that a new book is launched.

Ayush: What are the writing tips, to which one must attend while writing, you would like to give?

Again while writing, for me, to get emotionally attached to your book and just write from your heart. In fact, when I read my book again, my eyes get filled with tears.

Amit: And the last one, something personal about you, people may be surprised to know?

Actually, my expressions and my behaviour always come onto my face, so most people know everything about me as what I am inside is what I am outside. But there is only one thing I usually try to hide, my pain behind my smiles.The thing people may feel surprised to know is before I could write the book ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’, I almost lost my right hand in an accident. It was my dominating hand, and I wrote the book with my left hand through typing while I was on bed rest.

Mam, we thank you so much for this interview. May all your paths continue to be peaceful and exquisite. We wish the best for you. 

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Creation and destruction are not two different things. With every destruction of something old, there is a creation of something new. As a matter of fact, destruction is creation itself, the relationship between them being that of a cause and its effect. In the same way, we can see, death and birth are also not two different things. Every moment, in an organism, there is creation and destruction, and birth and death, nothing being permanent. One fears death because the mind wants security, or something that it thinks is permanent and permanently going to be with it.