Interview with M Kaarthika Santhosh writer of “Tagged”

M Kaarthika Santhosh, an engineer by education, cost manager by profession and a writer by passion.

Her debut novel titled, “Tagged” got published recently. She is not a blogger, rather can be called as a Rough noter!! and own a page on Facebook, “The Rough note” where she share her short stories, flash fictions, book reviews, stories which run several episodes, etc to the world.  She hails from Chennai, currently working in Abu Dhabi with a PSU called Engineers India Limited. Apart from creative writing she like to solve puzzles and to travel around the world.

AMIT- IN DI SPIRE how close you are towards to #LifeDeathBucketList Ten Things You Must Do before You Die .

KAARTHIKA- I just have 1 thing in my #LifeDeathBucketList, and that is to visit all the countries in the world. Already I have seen around 10 different countries. So hope to visit the rest before my time is up!!

AMIT- Marriage leads to destruction, extinction of passion, downfall in lady s career. Do you agree?

KAARTHIKA – Absolutely not! My husband had been my constant support in my passion and career. He helps me to balance my career, my writing passion and my home. In fact, I feel more relaxed and find more time for writing as there is always my husband to take care of things when I am busy. Earlier before marriage I had to manage everything on my own. Now since I have my husband always helping me around, life has become more wonderful, stress free and easy after marriage. It is always great to share your worries, fear, happiness, etc with someone. And when that someone is a person who loves you a lot and is always there supporting you, life becomes the best!

AMIT- I am zealous from you that you met Superstar. But anyway how this beautiful story plotted?
KAARTHIKA – The plot for the story developed in 2011 itself. That was the time I had joined Facebook. Like everyone else, I was hooked up in Facebook for most of the time. That was when I got the idea for this story, Tagged. What would happen if  a guy meets a girl in FB and tries to woo her in FB itself, using its various tools. I liked this idea when it crossed my mind and I started penning it down. Initially I started to post it in my facebook page, The Rough note episode-wise. I had good response for that series from many and that’s how I decided to get that series of episodes published as a single story in a  book.
AMIT- Tell us something about your journey as a writer and something about all your previous piece of writing.

KAARTHIKA – Writing had always been my hobby since childhood. I always liked listening to stories and telling new stories. Eventually my hobby grew as a passion. I had won many prizes in my school and college times in short story contests and got appreciation from many. So my passion grew further and I started posting my stories on my page in Facebook, The Roughnote. The Roughnote gave me a wider platform to showcase my stories to a large number of audience. Continuous appreciation and motivation from my readers only made this book happen!

AMIT- What is turning point in your life? What inspired you to pen down?

KAARTHIKA – I am basically from Tamil Nadu. After finishing my college, I moved to Delhi for my job. Before coming to Delhi, I used to write only in my mother tongue, which is Tamil. But after coming to Delhi since I had more non-tamil speaking friends, I started to write in English. This is a major turning point in my life. Only after I started to write in English I realized that I write good in English too. Eventually I wrote more stories in English and thereby got a wider reader base. I am even proud to say that I have readers from almost all states of India, starting from Assam to Kerala.

AMIT- What do you do when you get stuck for ideas?

KAARTHIKA – I do experience writers’ block once in a while. So during that period, I start reading books. Reading books gives me the motivation to write. Even watching some good movies helps me to overcome writers’ block.
AMIT- How does it feel to be an author at such a young age?

KAARTHIKA – Getting published, especially through the traditional way, was always one of my ambition in life. And having achieved it I do feel very elated. I feel very proud when people address me as an author. But I do keep reminding myself that this is only the beginning and lot more is yet to come my way!

AMIT- What are you working on at minute?

KAARTHIKA – I have already started my second series in The Roughnote, called ‘Love is in the air’, Already receiving overwhelming response for the same. Simultaneously I am also doing research for my second book. The second book I am planning is a historical thriller. So, right now brushing up my history lessons a bit J
AMIT- Would you like to share anything that has been left by me?

KAARTHIKA – I would like to share few words about my book and my publisherTagged is a modern-time love story which happens between two people who are quite opposite in character. How the hero of the story Sai Prabhu woos the gorgeous Preethi Kapoor through his smart and novel ideas is presented in a gripping narration filled with lots of twists and turns. Tagged is quite different from the other books in this genre, which makes it a must read.
Half Baked Beans is one of the fastest going publishing houses. They are about 2 years old and in this short span of time, they have published number of books which have become bestsellers. They have a very novel approach in publishing and they exclusively support debut writers. They provide guidance to writers right from the inception stage till the book is published. They also give excellent support in marketing and promotions. They have an excellent team of editors, cover designers, marketing people who guide you throughout the process. And I consider myself lucky to have been associated with them.

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