Book Review: Let the Game Begin

Title of the Book: Let the Game Begin

Author: Sandeep Sharma 

Publisher: Inspire India Publishers

Rating: 4/5

 Let The Game Begin


“Let the game begin” is a miscellany of emotions ranging from friendship to revenge. The story revolves around the game of chess and how it has evolved over the years.


Two kingdoms- Chaturanga and Sarprakt are at war with each other. But defeating Chaturanga was ball and chain. When the king Viratha is bestowed with a son, the whole kingdom is drowned in the celebrations; unaware of the conspiracy that is brewing in the other kingdom. Hence, the Game of Chess is reborn. In a parallel world or rather years after, serial killings shock the people. The only clue that the police has is a chess piece and a message (in a different language) that they get with every dead body. Why is Chess a connecting link between these two different stories? Does the unresolved mystery of the past interferes with that of the present? Grab your copies today to get the answers of these questions!

 Plot (4/5) 

 This is first of the book series “LET THE GAME BEGIN” by Sandeep Sharma. The book is attractive. Massive plot work and story line shows how much author worked for getting this book on board. The plot is full with thrill and suspense, even it is impossible to guess what is next till the last line of the book. Drama, emotions, friendship, history everything is so balanced that no one will bored even on single page strike. I tried to read few chapters randomly to check whether story is impactful or not but ‘LET THE GAME BEGIN’ leave me surprised. The whole book is inter-connected. Synchronisation between ancient history and modern age is appreciable. Sandeep worked sharply on each point in making a good book to read. BOOK COVER (3.5/5) Book Cover is catchy. But book is more thriller, than the cover says. Sandeep Sharma has done wonderful research on book. The writing style is much better than any other newbies, through Its Sandeep’s second book. Cover may need some improvement. (My opinion). My Rating: 4/5 Buy this book Now

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